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Lavender Flower Power

Lavender for Migraine Treatment and Other Ailments

As I continue to learn more about natural healing methods, I am amazed again and again how many healing plants, full of all the medicinal power of a pharmaceutical, but without the side effects, grow right in our own backyards. Take the lavender flower. It's common enough that I can find it growing in the front yards of several houses in my own neighborhood, yet powerful enough to heal a whole variety of ills. My naturopath recommended using lavender in a bath to help my eczema, and not only has it helped nicely, but I'm absolutely loving the whole experience of bathing in scented water and coming out feeling so relaxed (did I mention it's a mild natural sedative) and fresh smelling. It does take quite a bit longer than a shower, but if it helps my condition and provides a mini-spa experience at the same time, I guess I'm willing to give up a half hour of free time activity.

What I learned from my naturopath is that lavender has thousands of years of history as a medicinal herb. It was used all over the Middle East, India, Greece, Macedonia - basically the whole ancient world - for more than two thousand years, and eventually spread from Greece across Europe, becoming part of the Medieval English pharmacopeia as well. It was used for scenting laundry, healing skin problems, relieving insomnia and anxiety, and most interesting of all for me, treating migraine headaches.

Migraines have been part of my life for a long time now. Not because I suffer from them myself, but because I am married to a chronic migraine sufferer. Now when I say chronic, I mean someone who has them so bad that he's actually been hospitalized for migraines, been unable to work because of them, lost all sense of normalcy because of these cursed headaches. So of course we've tried it all - the Imitrex, Frova, Botox shots, etc., etc... All the pills the doctors could prescribe. And still, they barely made a dent. We didn't really think the lavender would do much - I mean, after all, if the big guns of pharmaceuticals couldn't do it, how was the humble lavender plant going to? Well, all I can say is that we've had some astounding success recently. Now, just to clarify - it's not just lavender that the naturopath has been giving him. She recommended combining lavender with other herbs that all work synergistically.

The only off the shelf product we've found so far that fits the bill is one called MigraMedic. It's got a lot of plants I've never heard of, plus a few that are very common. Surprisingly, his migraines are nearly gone now that he's been taking it for a couple months. We are stunned of course, but happy. You just never know what treasures might be right there in your own backyard.

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Vacations And The Planning Behind Them

Traveling is a passion for many people. The thrill of visiting a destination for the first time and learning about the place and its culture is a feeling which no other compares to. The thought of just quitting your job and ridding yourself of all responsibilities to just travel the world is one that must have occurred to us all at some point. The feeling of seeing new places and experiencing new cultures and schools of thought make for memories and recollections which you would remember till the day you die. Every new place you visit, whether abroad or within your own country, has several places to visit and things to do which ensure you are never bored. The amount a new place can surprise you is endless, the cuisine you eat, the cultural activities you can witness, the places you see and the hospitality you get from the local people, all shape up your holiday and make it one which you will never forget.
However, before you embark on a holiday there is a lot of planning required in order to make sure you do not reach your destination and not know what to do. The first thing you need to plan is the mode of transport you are going to take to reach your holiday spot. Some people prefer to take a flight to wherever it is they are going, this is obviously the most convenient and least time consuming mode of transport as you can reach the other end of the world in a couple of hours. For holidays within the country, people like to take the train as it gives one a lot more insight on the place you are going to. So many people love train journeys and the whole experience of stopping at each little station till you reach your desired destination. Also, a handful of people still prefer taking a road trip to their destination, as a road trip is the best prelude to your vacation and the memories and experiences you have along the way make for a vacation in itself.
Another very important thing which requires thought before setting of on your holiday is your luggage. The last thing one would want is being in a foreign land and realizing you have forgotten something important back home. In order to avoid such a scenario you must carefully pack your .travel gear.
Samsonite India is one of the leading best quality travel bags manufacturing companies offering a wide range of top quality Traveling is a passion for many people. The thrill of visiting a destination for the first time and learning about the place and its culture is a feeling which no other compares to. The thought of just quitting your job and ridding yourself of all responsibilities to just travel the world is one that must have occurred to us all at some point. The feeling of seeing new places and experiencing new cultures and schools of thought make for memories and recollections which you would remember till the day you die. Every new place you visit, whether abroad or within your own country, has several places to visit and things to do which ensure you are never bored. The amount a new place can surprise you is endless, the cuisine you eat, the cultural activities you can witness, the places you see and the hospitality you get from the local people, all shape up your holiday and make it one which you will never forget.
However, before you embark on a holiday there is a lot of planning required in order to make sure you do not reach your destination and not know what to do. The first thing you need to plan is the mode of transport you are going to take to reach your holiday spot. Some people prefer to take a flight to wherever it is they are going, this is obviously the most convenient and least time consuming mode of transport as you can reach the other end of the world in a couple of hours. For holidays within the country, people like to take the train as it gives one a lot more insight on the place you are going to. So many people love train journeys and the whole experience of stopping at each little station till you reach your desired destination. Also, a handful of people still prefer taking a road trip to their destination, as a road trip is the best prelude to your vacation and the memories and experiences you have along the way make for a vacation in itself.
Another very important thing which requires thought before setting of on your holiday is your luggage. The last thing one would want is being in a foreign land and realizing you have forgotten something important back home. In order to avoid such a scenario you must carefully pack your travel gear.
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Your Electrical Force

Health is a habit-a bunch of little "bite size pieces" of healthy information-made easy.

It's rush hour on the highway to health, and being sick is something no one has time for. We run ourselves ragged, worry ourselves sick, eat fast food on the run... and wonder why disease is getting worse these days. Our lifestyle is fast-paced and "without support "we often get sidetracked by the latest "crisis" and are left without the energy to regroup and get back on track.

Did you know-Disease can begin with the decline of electrical integrity within the body?? No.. So how do we get energy? Answer is... We get energy from the frequency of our food source. Yes the food we eat contains energy. If we eat "fast Junk food", it contains very little frequency compared to fresh raw vegetables. We use this energy to work, love, play, look good and think. If the cell is thought of as a little engine, converting fuel into ATP -the question arises: Where is this little engine getting it's energy to do it's job? Answer: Electricity... And where does the cell store this electrical charge? Answer: In the cell membrane. All Life is electrical... Why is this important? Our healthy cells operate optimally at a high vibration frequency of around 60 to 80 megahertz, therefore it makes sense that we should ideally consume those foods that naturally have a vibration energy (or 'life force') closest to that of our own cells. Why? Because..At lower frequencies, dis-eases can manifest.

So what about your mind? Have you heard the "energy of your food" becomes your mind? "You can't drink soda pop and expect to have noble thoughts".. said David Wolfe.

The mind and body are always connected and always feeding off of the foods and emotions we consume. There is a fluid and interactive relationship between our mental, physical, and spiritual energies. Emotional traumas have been proven to result in illness.

Trying to keep a healthy body and mind can be a difficult task at times. Sadly, about 80% of the common foods that are the norm in the American diet are not electric.

According to Fritz Frederick Smith, the body compensates for energetic or vibratory loss. When there is energetic deficiency, the body attempts to limit further loss by reducing its function.

So - today I will offer you some "bite size pieces" of information. Add color to your plate, forget about all those whites or beige foods, eat plenty of 'rainbow foods, which contain the electrical energy you're looking for. Food is Art.. Adding colors to your plate will ensure that you ingest all the beneficial enzymes available for your bodily functions, and you can make them Organic too. You can Eat them raw when possible, as there is more energy in raw foods than foods that have been cooked or prepared several days earlier. Forget those "all you can eat" buffets..

By realizing the connection we are speaking of today, and putting it into practice in your life, you can feel better physically, mentally and emotionally in record breaking time. You will never feel like you are giving up your favorite foods. or going hungry, you will feel empowered in your choices, taking an active roll in your wellbeing.

Distant Healing Is An Effective Alternative Therapy

To understand why distance energy healing is an effective and complementary therapy it is helpful to have background information about human evolution and the physics of the world we live in. This article is long, so if you are not interested in the physics of healing you can skip ahead to another section of interest.

Universal Life Cycle

In late 2011, a trio of scientists discovered that since the big bang happened, the universe is expanding at an increasing pace, not decreasing like previously thought! As long as the expansion is increasing in speed, all life encompassed by the universe is subject to a 'growing force'. When expansion stops, the big life cycle of this universe will be mature, reproduction of the universe will occur and after this, the universe will start to break down and collapse back upon itself in the dying process. This life cycle of birth, growing, maturity, reproduction, decline and death is seen in every life form on earth. Increasing pace means all objects are vibrating faster and are subject to increased vibration each year. This is seen in our sun, which grows hotter and puts out more energy each year. We all know that without the sun nothing would grow, which includes us as we are growing too. When we look at earth's fossil record, we see that life has been subject to this growing force for millions of years and there have been many growth cycles and metamorphosis of new species over time.

The Growing Force

The growing force is something scientists cannot yet categorize, but it is likely equivalent to the large invisible portion of the universe known as dark energy, which makes up seventy percent of the universe. Only five percent of the universe is visible with objects such as the earth, stars down to atomic level and the other twenty-five percent of the universe is composed of dark matter. I feel dark energy contains the growing force like invisible light and is the source of the conscious intelligence that is present in all living forms. It cannot be seen because it has no form, as it is pure energy. I liken it to the energy of our creator.

An interesting fact of physics is "objects gain mass by moving through space". This means the growing force is causing all objects to gain mass, which includes us. From Einstein's famous equation of E=mc², energy is equal to mass times the speed of light squared. As objects gain mass their energy increases and they vibrate faster. If you already understand you are eternal and cannot be destroyed, this means your vibration and mass are increasing with each successive lifetime you have experienced, because we move through space while living in a physical body.

Our Physical Reality

Physical life is not what it appears on the surface. The reality is all objects we can see and feel are mostly composed of space. From Nova's Fabric of the Cosmos Series Greene stated: "Matter is mostly empty space. If you take out the space and the mass of the Empire State Building, it would condense to the size of a super-heavy grain of rice." The universe is ninety-five percent invisible space and the same is true of us. That invisible space contains our soul and dark energy, which is intelligent and indestructible. This space gives us insight, creativity, physical form and allows healing to occur in our bodies. Our solid aspect is our visible physical manifestation, but is only temporary and death will eventually transform it. Our energetic aspect is eternal and cannot be destroyed. All materials and forces of the universe are within our bodies. We are part of the universe and thus subject to the same laws of physics that affect objects. Spirituality is the intelligent consciousness that is present in all life and is the center of all the forces of physics. It is the unifying force between the quantum world and world of relativity, that physicists cannot find and we are one with it. This force cannot be detected by observing physical forms. It can only be located by dropping our identification with physical reality and being still. When we are totally still, we are one with this force and we can know it.

The Universal Sea that Connects Us as One

Dark energy is like a continuous invisible fluid that fills all the space and interstices between all particles. Because it has no solid particles and is pure energy, no object can shield from being saturated by it. It is everywhere, always present and intelligent. This energy is capable of receiving, propagating and communicating all impressions of movement. It is comparable to the vehicle of transport of information between objects in the universe. Because dark energy permeates everything, effectively there is no distance between any physical object in space and communication and transport of information happens instantly. We actually exist in a fluid world, like fishes in the sea, where any movement of a fish affects all other fish in the sea. Because of this universal fluid, we are able to approach each other, withdraw, communicate, and be connected to each other. This fluid connects us together as one entity and is the mechanism for our reciprocal relations. It is consciousness itself.

What is Time?

Human time is a convenience to reference happenings of the past, present and future. It exists as a memory and reference point about something that physically happened in the universe. The passage of time is a sign of universe expansion due to the growing force. If we were past the point of universe expansion, we would no longer be growing and matter would be dissolving. Then we would see the effect of 'reverse-time' or going backwards in time. When you merge fully with dark energy by being entirely still then time stands still and effectively ceases to exist. The standstill of time is the same phenomena known to happen if you could travel at the speed of light. This happens because dark energy is the growing force and when you stop moving you are one with it and thus no movement is detected. An interesting 'spiritual fact' about time is all times exist at the same time. Any specific 'time' can be referenced and accessed by knowing unique qualities about the time in question whether it be past, present or future. This is because each happening has a unique quality of vibration and characteristics, which distinguish it from all other times. Okay, this explanation needs another spiritual fact, and that is nothing is ever destroyed, it only changes it shape. This fact makes distance healing possible for past, present and future events.

Human Evolution Today

People today face a challenging evolutionary transformation because of increased vibration due to acceleration of the growing force and the effect it is having on our bodies. It seems our old human species is no longer suited to the new environment, and a transformation is being forced on us to metamorphosis into a new species. It is natural when near the end of a growth cycle that extra stress is put on organisms to transform. Signs of this today are increased disease, elevated stress and violence, change in ecosystems, and on the positive side spiritual awakenings in growing numbers of people.

Human evolution has been going on for thousands of years, and it is important to know that each generation of humanity has a higher level of self-realization. Today you can see this by more people experiencing spiritual awakening. As humans move through space-time by living successive lifetimes, our mass and vibration increases. Higher level of vibration is equivalent to higher level of self-realization. This change in our energetic vibration and awareness level through successive lifetimes is primarily stored in the DNA, which contains instructions for our physical growing. When our vibration reaches a certain threshold, it will trigger strands in our DNA to activate and human metamorphosis will follow. The accelerated evolutionary force we face today has the reason to raise our self-realization level. No matter where we are in our evolution, the current challenge we face gives everyone an opportunity to advance their self-realization level. The illnesses and difficulties can motivate us to find solutions and ways to heal. Human evolution equals rising self-realization, which in turn is the same as the healing and transformation process. Transformation is the same as the growing process and always results in increased self-awareness.

What causes Disease?

As the growing force increases, it puts stress on our existing physical structure. It is like our physical body reaches a point where it can no longer thrive in the increased vibratory field and starts to break down. This is a natural process of evolution. With every living thing, there is a pattern or birth, growing, maturation, reproduction, then decline and eventually death. After growing and reproduction, the physical form tends to be fixed in shape. While the growing force is still present and strong, it does not prevent decline because we become attached to our physical form. We block this force from healing and transforming us due to our attachment to our known and familiar self. The primary way we attach to our old self is by constant use of our mind-voice or thinking. When we do not let go of identification to our old self, this causes stress, fear, violence and disease because we are resisting transformative energy. After our growing energy has been depleted to create our form, the only thing left is to transform our shape or face decline. The higher the vibration of the universe and the more rigid our outer-self, the sicker we become. The truth is dark energy is abundant, instantly accessed and strong enough to heal us. To start the healing process we need information about healing, and then we need to practice and experience energy healing and believe it is possible! Once we believe it is possible and sample this abundant healing source, healing will happen. Then we will be convinced it is possible and will get the unexpected side-affect of higher self-realization, which will give us motivation to continue with it!

Aspects of Self and Our Healing Potential

A living system is like being composed of two objects; there is the manifest part of our physical body and the part not manifest as our spirit or life force. Each is vibrating at a different rate. It is as if we have a strong perfect vibration deep inside us, but the physicality and structure of our body and personality that covers this, prevents the inside vibration from manifesting externally as a whole and perfectly 'in the flesh'. The lower our physical level of vibration is, the more restricted the flow of energy is throughout our body and the sicker and less aware we are. The physical aspect of self is not our permanent or real aspect, rather it is our reflected visible aspect, it represents what we are currently capable to manifest given our self-knowledge and experience. Our potential is contained in our non-reflected invisible aspect, which is our soul, spirit or source energy. This vibration resonates as one with the vibration of dark energy. We can access this energy and be one with it by placing our attention away from our physical aspect. Our energy self is eternal and because we are intimately one with the dark energy field, we have on tap a vast resource of energy and information for healing and self-realization.

What Is An Energetic Block?

An energy block is an area in the body where energy has difficulty to move through which prevents healing of causes disease or injury to the area. Blockages have a direct link with a program of conditioned response in the mind for the use of this body section. From birth onwards, we accumulate thousands of energy blocks from experiences in the tissues of the body and mind. We create them by our initial response to events and subsequent tendency to respond to similar events in conditioned or programmed ways. We maintain energy blocks in various ways. We can unconsciously protect an area of the body that was hurt in the past to prevent experiencing pain in that area again. We make repetitive movements of facial and body expressions, which cause excessive strength in lines relating to those movements and weakness in areas of body not used. In our hectic lives we accumulate stress and muscle tension, and do not know how to release it daily. There is also inherited genetic disease, which is due to issues of self-evolution. The reasons for energy block creation are varied but there is one common factor of why they are persistent and this is due to our habitual use of our mind in a programmed way.

When our energy gets too low due to too many energy blocks, we will notice symptoms of disease being produced by our body, as it tries to correct the problem. When we have an illness or disease, this means our energy is not flowing through our body in an ideal way. If the energy were flowing ideally, we would have perfect health as the body always tries to maintain a homeostasis. An energy block will continue to exist until the habitual response is removed due to reprogramming of the mind.

Healing Happens When Vibration Increases

Common to all therapies and treatments is healing happens when we have a surplus of energy, which is the same as an increase in vibration over our normal vibration level. This happens naturally in sleep each night. When we lie down and eventually sleep takes over, our mind rests and our vibration increases. While our mind is quiet healing takes place in the body and the mind reorganizes, which is the reason for dreams in the night. Many therapeutic treatments also increase our energy for healing to occur. Massage releases tension from muscles. Improved diet makes digestion more efficient and uses less energy to move our toxic substances. Taking supplements supplies material necessary for body repair. Exercise increases elasticity of muscle fibers, which increases efficiency of nervous energy moving through the body.

When we increase our energetic vibration by any method, it shakes us out of conditioned pattern of use of our energy, which is primarily trapped by conditioned use of the body by the mind. When vibration increases, our mind goes quiet in moments and healing in mind happens, where the root of the problem lies. The mind healing essentially removes an energy block by reorganizing the mind. After the mind reorganizes, then physical healing takes place in the body with the growth of new cells with the new energetic organization.

While any therapy can have this effect, the most effective healing happens when the mind goes still for long periods. Quiet mind happens naturally in sleep at night, but when a person has low energy, there is not enough time in quiet mind at night to get profound healing. Mostly there is only enough time to clean up the current day's damage and degeneration continues. Meditation practice is the best way to attain sustained quiet mind. Once we know this to be true, there only remains the task to practice mediation and learn how to quiet the mind at will. When we detach from our mind, by not using our mind-voice to animate our personality, then our energetic vibration dramatically rises. Using our energy to animate the personality takes a huge amount of source energy. When we stop that activity, our energetic vibration immediately jumps and healing accelerates as well our self-realization level.

Transformation & Healing

Dark energy is equivalent to invisible light. Because we have light inside us, when we get still, here is no sense of time because we have matched the speed of light, because we are now being as one with light. A fact of physics states that at the speed of light, transformation from matter to energy physically happens. When we are as one with the source of light by being still, then transformation from matter to energy physically happens and our vibration increases and we become more aware. In the space of being still, transformation, healing and metamorphosis happens. Being still is the meditative state, and when we achieve it, we change. Distance healing is a very effective therapy because through the principle of entraining to the vibration of the master healer, it puts the person being healed into this still state that causes transformation and healing.

We all have the Potential to be healers

Dark energy is all around and inside everyone. Everyone has access to it and has the potential to be a healer. I would go so far as to say every human will eventually become a healer, because self-healing is a necessary step to reach further steps in evolution. Everything is energy, humans are energy beings and all problems can be corrected energetically. The roots of human problems are attachment to material forms, or the visible world, which has the inherent problem to hide or veil our energetic reality. Our main physical attachment is to our ability to self-reflect by using our mind and then reacting emotionally from what we are thinking. This creates an illusion of an activated physical entity, or 'personality'. It is this illusion we generate with use of our mind and emotions that we are primarily attached. The longer we stay attached to generation and interaction with this illusion, the sicker we become. Ultimately, only an individual has the power to stop the habit of using their mind-voice to activate the personality, by using their will power, focus and skills of concentration to withdraw energy away from using the mind in this way. The more an individual practices doing this, the more mental clarity, emotional calmness, increased vitality and awareness they will develop. Eventually self-realization will be strong enough, that we will willingly accept the challenge to fully heal ourselves and will gladly do our daily mediation.

Healing Happens in a Natural Order

Energy healing is an effective therapy for any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual condition. It can easily be combined with conventional therapies with no negative side effects and addresses healing of the root cause of the issue. Healing is actually done by our own internal healer, which has a wisdom we cannot fathom. Healing occurs in a natural order, where our healer determines how to use an energy boost to heal what is most important for our survival. We do not need to direct energy in any particular way, we can trust that our internal healer knows perfectly what to heal and in what order. Having observed many healing processes, it is natural that your body will work first to clean out toxins and congestions in the lymph and organs and then to activate energy centers on the spine known as chakras, as this is the quickest way to ramp up your own energetic vibration to accelerate healing. Cleansing nearly always happens first and is a good thing, because in later healings it is necessary to have an open functioning and strong elimination system to remove larger amounts of toxins and heal deeper issues.

Establish the Habit of Daily Healing

In our stressful times and increasingly toxic world, it is important that people incorporate healing into their daily lives, just like brushing our teeth to prevent cavities. Daily healing activities will help maintain mental clarity, emotional stability, vibrant health and awareness. The basics of healing is healing happens when the mind is quiet, so finding a way to settle the mind each day is the most important thing we can practice. The proven and age-old practice of sitting meditation is very effective. With this practice, you learn how to turn off the mind-voice and deactivate animation of the personality. In the space you achieve quiet mind by doing this, your vibration increases and energy blocks heal. Each second of quiet mind is precious as energy moves fast, so there is great healing potential in even a second. As you practice, your ability to sustain quiet mind and your awareness level will increase. Therefore, each day you start out stronger than the day before. Another effective tool is learning energy self-healing. If you continue like this, you will fully heal yourself of all problems and then you will be able to help others heal.

Energy Healing Happens via Entrainment

Energy healing happens due to the principle of entrainment. From physics, we know that everything vibrates. From Newton's Laws of motion we know when two objects meet each other, the vibrations of the two objects will synchronize with each other. The object with higher vibration will slow down and the object with slower vibration will speed up, until the two synchronize with each other and 'meet' to establish 'a line of communication'. This synchronization process is known as entrainment and only takes a few minutes. After this, the vibration in both objects will accelerate from their synchronized 'meeting point', as long as the objects stay in contact with each other. It is like two energies merging into one stronger force and each person feels vibration increase.

As vibration increases, it excites nerve cells and increases energetic flow through all tissues of the body and especially muscle nerve cells. Muscles are elastic tissues, which have the ability to do work in the body by opening areas with blocked or stagnant energy flows. Vibration in the body can be physically felt and electromyography (EMG) is a technique for evaluating and recording the electrical activity produced by muscles. Increasing vibration means healing is happening in both objects, as excitation is opening areas of stagnant energy flow to 'raise' the vibration to a higher level. As vibration increases, it shakes people out of their conditioned habit of using their energy to animate their personality, their mind quiets and they receive a healing in the mind.

A skilled healer has the ability to put a person into a deep state of quiet mind for a longer period, thereby providing the opportunity for a clear shot to cure the root cause of any condition, which exists primarily in the mind. Now, I will tell you a secret. The physical object with the strongest energetic vibration you can entrain to (on earth) is another human being. A person who has healed themselves can greatly increase another person's energetic vibration, because their own vibration is higher than most. Getting healings from such a person can give you a large boost to help you heal the cause of your problem and to elevate your self-realization level.

How Does Energy Healing Work?

Energy healing heals at the energetic level, which is what makes it a very valuable healing method, because energetic flow or imbalance is the cause of physical problem. It works by removing energy blocks and reorganizing the mind and nervous system. It is like opening up an energy channel that previously had low energy flow. As energy channels are opened it increases the overall energy level of the person being healed and allows internal energy to get to the area to heal the physical problem. The actual healing is done by the person's own body; it is not done by the healer. The healer is only the catalyst to elevate the person's vibration through entrainment, to create the ideal condition for the reorganization to happen. The physical change is later manifested as healed tissue in the mind and body, and becomes apparent when the cells replenish with new growth. Because an energy healing changes the underlying energy flow, it can produce healing effects for many months afterwards.

How is Distant Healing Done?

Distance energy healing works just like an in-person healing with a few minor differences. To accomplish entrainment with an in-person healing, a person simply puts their hands above or on the body. With distant-healing, contact is established with a clear reference to the person, place or thing, which includes a date and time. The clear reference is a unique 'identifying' source vibration, such as a photo, name, geographical location, birth date or an object the person once held. A distance healing can happen in any time simply with the healer's intention because all times exist at the same time, sort of like there exist many parallel universes. Each individual has a unique vibration depending on the timeframe, as every living being is changing each second we are alive. The individual characteristics plus the timeframe and location creates a unique 'identifying' signature vibration, which a distant healer can tune into and connect with. Given the flexibility of the time parameter, distance energy healings can be given for past, present or future times.

The healer first activates their vibration to raise it to a high level. Next, the distance healer states their intention for the healing, which is normally a request from the person being healed. This sets an intention for the exchange of energy for the healing session. Then the distance healer requests a connection with the person, place or animal using the unique identifiers and requested time. In reality there is actually no distance between us and another person, we are directly connected though the pool of dark energy. It is only visually that the world seems solid and we get the sense of being separated objects in time and space. With practice, energetic connection is easily made between distant objects through the field of dark energy. Next, the healer trusts their intention is set and then tunes into feeling the energy moving in their body and enters into a meditative state. The synchronization process of entrainment can be felt as a pulling and pushing force as the connection between the people establishes. It is like the synchronization of a large wave. This is like establishing a physical link or cord between the healer and the other being and only takes a minute or so. After the link is established, there are several different ways to give distance healings. What I do is visualize myself as the person I am connected with and give an energy healing to my own body using reiki and acupressure techniques using my intuition as needed. As the distance healing goes on, vibration in both healer and person being healed increases and progresses through a natural cycle. The strongest vibration is generated around the forty-five minute mark and energy typically is working strongly at this time in the mind with the most profound healing.

Some people are very sensitive to an energetic healing and feel much and others are not and feel little to nothing. You do not have to be able to feel working energy in a session for it to be effective, it is working whether you feel it or not. Ability to sense energy vibration increases with a higher awareness level. After a healing people often feel highly energized and refreshed. It is normal not to be able to sleep the first night after a healing, as the nervous system is highly energized. Even with a restless sleep, people awaken in the morning feeling very rested. After the session is complete, the healer requests that the connection that was established be disconnected to end the healing.

Advantages of Distant Energy Healing

When in contact with a person locally, there is more resistance to being healed. Being physically touched creates reactions and resistance itself. It is hard for people to fully relax and be meditative while being physically touched and in the presence of another person. Distance healing can be much stronger than in person energy healing, because a person can relax more. When there is contact at a distance, there is much less personal resistance thus the body vibration can rise much higher as the person is not diverting any energy to 'protect themselves' and healing is more effective. A second reason why distance healing can be stronger than in person healing is the healer can maintain a deeper state of concentration and state of quiet mind, because there are fewer distractions, resulting in a higher level of vibration, which has more healing potential.

Distance healing can be very effective for healing all kinds of problems such as headaches, colds, helping people recover from operations or traumatic events, preventing illness, boost energy when facing stressful events, healing past events, healing pets and healing any kind of mental, emotional or physical problem. It is also very effective to increase self-awareness level so distance healing is a type of shaktipat and useful for any spiritual seeker who wants to increase their awareness level. Every day distance healing is becoming more widely accepted into mainstream viewpoints about its effectiveness as more people experience it's benefits. Energy healing is a skill I encourage everyone to sample, learn, explore, and bring into their daily life for maintaining vibrant health and acute awareness.

Ozone Therapy Medical Miracle

Ozone therapy In The World Today

Have you heard of Ozone therapy and wondered what it is all about? Many people think that it has to do with what we all know as the ozone layer surrounding the earth but that is a completely different type of ozone as it is chock full of other gases as well. Toxic to humans as it contains some gases that will harm us.

However, Medical Ozone is based on pure oxygen that has been "excited" by electricity, this is a very general description but a good one for as everyone can imagine, oxygen is a vital component for our very existence. Then, it would stand to reason than this "excited" oxygen would also be beneficial to our very health. Sounds simple doesn't it? Well, not so say the doctors and scientists because as much as one tries to convince them of the differences they still maintain that it is either of no beneficial value or that it is dangerous. Imagine if you will that a perfectly common human being can distinguish between the two yet most of the foremost scientists in this world still can't get it through their heads.

This gas, ozone, has now been in use for creating healthy bodies for over a century, just look at the pictures on the websites enclosed below, this is what you get when you clean blood with ozone, do you see the difference, which of the two lines of blood look healthier to you? I think that even a child would tell you the difference, yet, still ozone and ozone therapy are not something the Health Authorities in almost any country allow. Mind boggling isn't it? Take a look at the testimony page on my first website listed below, two of the most talked about diseases, Lyme cured, Herpes cured and many more!

The Medical Ozone Therapy Movement

There is however a movement or shift occurring as more and more doctors are exposed to what ozone therapy can do when used by trained personnel in clinics and hospitals. The units in the pictures on the websites for instance, have already made massive strides in medicine, trials and reports conclude that the benefits are nothing short of amazing when used properly with the correct instruction and training. The most effective disorder reversed to date with these units so far have been anything to do with the circulatory system such as heart issues, arteries or blood. This is mostly because ozone therapy when used in this manner rebuilds the endothelium in your veins and arteries, this is the one cell coating inside these vessels that protects them. Through time this coating ruptures and there is nothing else on earth that can correct it, other than ozone therapy.

The other fascinating thing about this type of ozone therapy is that it can also create vasodialation which is just a fancy term for the opening of vessels, so blood in your system that keeps you and your organs alive can flow more freely. Why is this important? Simple, if there were areas that were for instance blocked or somehow devoid of blood, they would also be devoid of oxygen and would die, this would unblock those areas and blood/oxygen would again be able to flow. Should the veins or arteries be destroyed for some reason and useless, ozone therapy has the ability to create other blood vessels or something called collatrerals. What that means is that it can create and form new vessels to again replenish what was once lost.

Now, imagine if you will what that can do for a patient with heart disease or ischemia or any other assorted diseases of the vessels or circulatory system. There would be no need for open heart surgery, no need for stents that are at best mostly ineffective, just look up the word re-stenting, In today's world we are all at our late stage in life afflicted with some disorder of the circulatory system, whether it be a little higher than normal blood pressure, aches and pains or some other disorder that afflicts us, most of these are associated in one way or another with the heart because it is the heart that controls the blood and it is the blood and oxygen it carries that keeps us alive.

It is all rather simple really, what we need to do is keep our lines clean (arteries, veins, capillaries) and by doing so keep our heart strong and beating right. Why do hearts break down, well mostly because our veins and arteries just like the pipes in our sinks get clogged up with debris, clean the debris and flow returns. The heart is a miraculous machine and it has the ability to recover but not when we are blocked up. Modern medicine does not do this, there is nothing in modern medicine that will take care of this, all fixes that they have are temporary and will occur again, time after time. The only solution is Medical Ozone Therapy.

Rabu, 08 Februari 2012

Three Great Herbs For Health

It's no secret that herbs add a tasty depth and dimension to our culinary experience. They also contribute a nutritional component, and beyond that, offer medicinal and healing benefits.

Various methods are used to extract the goodness from herbs that can enhance our health and well-being in surprising ways. There's the simple infusion, commonly called tea. Then there are a couple more sophisticated extracts known as essential oils and flower essences.

Essential oils are the steam distilled extract of a plant that is complex, concentrated, and extremely potent. Used for aromatherapy, essential oils cleanse and purify unpleasant odors rather than mask them (like synthetic fragrance). These rich alchemical elements also permeate our limbic system, stimulating our memory and feeling centers. The beauty of essential oils is that when used properly, they are non-toxic and can take us on a healing journey of stimulating our psyche, emotions, and pleasure center.

Another form of plant extract that is less understood and not as widely acknowledged is flower essences. Essences are solar infusions of a plant's flower, at its peak, capturing the pattern of life-force energy from it into pure water. This is preserved with brandy as an antimicrobial and anchor material. Flower essences are ingested and help re-pattern and balance us energetically on emotional, spiritual, and psychological levels.

Let's take some popular herbs and look at their healing and health-giving capacities from these three modalities:

As an herbal tea, it's used to calm an upset stomach, ease nausea, fever, and migraines.

The essential oil is breathed to alleviate headaches and fever, added to preparations for topical pain relief, and used to disinfect air and clear nasal congestion.

The flower essence helps stimulate the mind, bringing one out of lethargy and into more vibrant, clear, and active thought processes. It also works with safety and confidence issues.

Chamomile (Roman and German)

As an herbal tea, it is taken for irritable bowel syndrome and indigestion. It helps calm one down to alleviate stress and anxiety, inducing sleep.

The essential oil is used as an anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, sedative, and to ease skin disease.

The flower essence aids emotional balance, calming the nervous system, alleviating anxiety, tension, stress, insomnia, and sluggish metabolism.

As a tea, it's used for colds and flu, indigestion, fatigue, and headache.

The essential oil is used as an inhaled stimulant for nervous exhaustion, topically for arthritis, and in a hair tonic for stimulating new hair growth.

The flower essence stimulates memory, self-awareness, vibrancy, and clarity to develop more peace and grounding.

Knowing that common herbs that we may have growing in our gardens have such powerful healing and health-giving properties can instill more self-reliance and confidence that there is natural support for every aspect of our healing and transformative process. Learning to utilize and trust this ancient promise of health and balance from the Earth is an empowering endeavor well worth pursuing.

What Is Crystal Healing?

There is a universal energy freely available to all and called chi in traditional Chinese medicine. Our bodies are 85% water, with a lot of electricity passing through it as nerves send messages along the body to and from the brain, with the brain producing a significant amount of the current itself. Overall, the body is a complex electromagnetic and vibrational energy system. With stress, poor eating and a lot of the negative energy around us in the form of mobile signals, wifi and electricity in the walls, our bodies can become imbalanced, which can lead to a host of physical, psychological and even emotional problems.

This chi energy is also referred to as life force, healing energy or divine energy and its balance in our bodies can be helped by such sciences as reiki, seichem, quantum touch, therapeutic touch, spiritual healing and crystal healing. Scientifically, energy and matter are interchangeable, and every piece of matter or liquid has within and surrounding it a certain amount of energy, which resonates at a particular vibration or frequency.

Crystal healing has been used in many different cultures throughout history, including the Hopi Native Americans of Arizona and the Hawaiian islanders, some of whom still use them to this day.

The clear quartz crystal is one of the most sacred stones of ancient cultures and symbolizes white light energy. The power of the crystal, some of which can take thousands of years to form, can be found in its structure, as it is a conductor of energy, acting both as a receiver and transmitter. When shattered, each fragment has the same shape, which the original, outer shape reflects. These inner structures (fragments) have seven basic shapes: cubic, tetragonal, trigonal, hexagonal, orthorhombic, monoclinic and triclinic. They are formed from silicon, the most prominent substance in the earth's core, and oxygen to form silicon dioxide, also known as quartz. Other elements added to the concoction create the different types of crystals with their varying qualities. These perfect electromagnetic conductors interact with our own energy system and have been found to activate certain energy centers to help in its balance.

They have been used for centuries in healing, the Egyptians even using them in pyramids to attract the power contained in light. The Egyptians are the earliest known to have used the crystals for their healing powers and who have even built entire crystal chambers, while traditional Chinese medicine has used it as far back as 5,000 years ago. The Tibetans believe that crystals are sacred objects empowered with the elements, and people of many cultures carry them on their bodies to protect them from negative energy. In the bible God instructed Aaron, the High Priest (brother of Moses), to make a breast plate from particular crystals for protection and wisdom.

In the human body, each emotion, body part and the water residing in it carries a particular frequency or vibration, and the correct balance as a whole defines its proper functioning. Similar to a television, if the frequency is not set properly the channel will come in fuzzy and unclear. Crystals can help the body and other living elements, such as plants or animals, "tune in" to a healthy and stable energy frequency. This is called the Theory of Resonance, since crystals have a set formation and their stable energy pattern helps the body, which may have gotten out of sync with itself and surroundings, to get back into balance - into a "healthy" vibrational pattern.

During a healing session a practitioner draws on the positive life energy of the universe and channels its healing powers into the client. This is the same healing practiced by such great masters as Jesus and does not require belief in such techniques by the client.

During the healing process I first use the crystal to develop an understanding of your condition by spinning it over your two lowest chakras (the Root and Spleen), the first chakra reflecting the first 7 years of your life while the second reveals the second seven years (ages 8 to 14). It is during these two periods that we are most crafted, while suffering or psychological trauma during these early years can leave lasting footprints or scars on our psychological identity and emotional balance. During these readings I may ask questions about your childhood and it is important that you are fully honest with me, to give me insight and allow me to help you better.

The seven chakras are the points of the body's energy as the chi flows through it and are a major factor in such ancient and powerful medical sciences as acupuncture, which inserts needles into the meridians of the body's energy flow to help bring balance back to it and heal specific ailments. Part of my crystal healing technique includes the placing of a Tibetan bowl onto some of your key chakras and cause the bowl to resonate, the vibration of which promotes the flow of energy through your body, clearing up blockages which have been causing your physical ailments or emotional or psychological imbalances. Each person is unique, and I adjust my approach accordingly, but generally the opening of positive energy through the body and bringing balance back to the body's energy flow achieves wonderful healing effects on many, often unexpected levels.

Senin, 06 Februari 2012

How to Prevent a Heart Attack With Lifestyle, Exercise, Diet, and Herbs

You may already be going down the mental checklist of heart attack prevention. Exercise. Check. Weight Control. Check. Lifestyle. Check. "OK", you may say, "I should be good to go!" These preventative items have all been written about in the popular press. Still, something deep inside bothers us when we hear that - despite all the prevention - cardiovascular disease is once again named as the number one killer of people like us in the U.S. There must be more to this. As an alternative health activist I can tell you that yes there is more to this! Read on and we will bring to light some very effective ways of preventing heart attack.

Not just weight control, good nutrition required here. Simply put, a healthy way of eating includes fruit, veggies, nuts, seeds, and grain, with a little meat thrown in weekly.. Delete dairy, add in water, and you have a good idea.

Exercise. Experts tell us to do this at least three times a week. In other words, do not be a weekend warrior - this is dangerous. What we want to do is condition our heart and vascular system. Packing all the exercise into one session is not conditioning - it is abuse of your body and can be fatal. Regular exercise that conditions the heart and blood vessels has several components:

It is done in regular sessions (not all at once). When we condition, we raise our heart rate to a level that is safe yet conditioning. This varies by the person. Consult your healthcare practitioner for this one. Again according to experts, we need to keep that heart rate up for at least 20 minutes at least 3 times a week.The intensity of the exercise can be increased over time as we condition our systems.

Lifestyle is next, so brace yourself. It is much easier to be macho and go to the gym and yet neglect lifestyle. Both are very important. What a good lifestyle includes is:

Exposure to the sun regularly. Do not go out and get 3 hours all at once if you are not conditioned to it. This is a good way to get a severe burn and even skin cancer. Avoiding a burn can be done

Air. Fresh air is imperative to your heart and all other tissues of the body. You cannot survive without enough oxygen. Why else get enough oxygen? Here is a good one: when we exercise, we need increased oxygen to build and heal those muscles and organs that work out.

Stress relief? Why? Stress does some bad things to our cardiovascular system. For example, it causes the blood vessels to tighten up and increase the blood pressure. An increased blood pressure can, over time, damage the heart and other organs. Continuous stress over time also can lead to Adrenal Burnout. Adrenal burnout, in turn will lead to cardiovascular damage. We have to get rid of continuous stress. Exercise helps. Prayer helps. Worshipping God and and meditating on His Word helps.

Beyond all these things, Herbal Aids can help with heart attack prevention and even aid in healing if it has already happened. For example:

Take Apple Cider Vinegar is a good way to help dissolve the gunk hanging on the inside of the artery walls. Three tablespoonfuls daily. I like to take it all at once in warm water sweetened with honey.

Cayenne pepper can help to rejuvenate those blood vessels. Cayenne contains flavones that are needed to maintain and heal the interior of blood vessels. I like to take 1 teaspoonful of 35,000 unit cayenne in 4 oz cool water three times a day. It is hot, so work up to a teaspoonful. Cayenne tincture has also been given to people in the throes a heart attack (one dropper to a couple ounces or water or just squirt a dropper under the tongue). It is amazingly effective in its ability to stop a heart attack in its tracks.

Sabtu, 04 Februari 2012

Surgery for Cervical Spondylosis

Cervical spondylosis is a chronic condition although in most cases, it does not end up to the severe stage. When there is an occurrence of spinal stenosis as a symptom, surgery is usually required. Surgery is done to eliminate the root of the tension on your nerves and spinal cord. It may also contain accumulating stabilization in the form of implants or through the vertebrae's union. Oftentimes, surgery is only considered when the physical and motor functions are rigorously lost. If you are feeling numbness in your upper and lower extremities, for example, surgery may be considered. Functional disability which may be permanent may be caused by any kind of compression of your spinal cord including several complications of cervical spondylosis such as radiculopathy and stenosis.

Your surgeon has the option of approaching the spine anteriorly (front) or posteriorly (back). To eliminate the spurs and discs which cause pressure, front approach is usually used. The disc can be changed with an implant which can do the same function as the original intervertebral disc. A wider surgery is needed for the elimination of both parts of the vertebrae and discs. Bone implants or bone grafts are used to substitute these parts.

Back or posterior approach to the spinal cord would be used to execute a laminoplasty or a laminectomy. The spinous processes and the lamina along with the back parts of the neck's backbone are removed during a laminectomy. In laminoplasty on the other hand, the backbone is incised on one side but it remained in place. These two procedures can alleviate pressure or tension in your spinal cord.

Like with other surgeries, surgical treatment for treating cervical spondylosis also has risks for developing different complications. This can be associated with the use of general anesthesia or the development of an infection. Rehabilitation programs usually follow after the surgery.

Cervical spondylosis is a very common ailment and has a very common symptom. However, the effects of its symptoms and its duration can give you a really hard time doing your usual stuffs. Before considering a surgical treatment, try first other conventional and non-surgical treatments that are available to you. You must also seek for an advice and approval from your doctor. Surgery is not only terrifying, but also expensive. You might be free from crying due to pain after surgery, but your budget might be weeping because of the expenses you've made for the procedure. The best thing is prevention. Prevent it until you can

Kamis, 02 Februari 2012

Natural Remedies For Sinus Relief

Sinus problems are quite common and most people are desperate to try anything to get some relief. Whether it is the common cold, an allergic reaction, or just about any other nasal congestion, it is very annoying, painful, and can reduce the quality of life. There are quite a few remedies available, but most of them give only temporary relief, and cause some nasty side effects as well. Here are some natural remedies that are effective and safe as well.


Reflexology is a method of applying pressure on certain points on the feet and hands, which causes reflex actions and stimulation in other part of the body, corresponding to that particular point. For sinus relief, the points are on the tips of toes and fingers, and under each nail of the hand. The technique involves only squeezing gently on these points; however, it is better to get this massage done by a certified reflexologist, who will know the correct pressure points.

Using a Nettie Pot

The Nettie pot is a container with a spout, used for directing saltwater solution or plain water into the nasal passage. This is a yogic technique, and is often performed as a daily routine by many practitioners. Here you tilt your head and pour the water by placing the spout on the upper nostril. When you pour, the water will flow into one nostril and out of the other. Repeat on the other side, and this will dilute the mucus, and flush it out.

Hydrating your Body

Drinking lot of liquids, especially water will prevent the build-up of thick mucus, and hence it will be easy to flush it out. Hydration is also known to reduce infection, compared to people who have lesser liquid intake.

Using a Humidifier

If you maintain the ideal level of humidity in your living space, there are lesser chances of getting, or aggravating a sinus problem. If the humidity is very less, the air will be dry, and the mucus in your nose will dry up, and will not drain well. When the humidity is too high it becomes the ideal breeding ground for fungus and mold, which can cause many allergies and host of sinus problems.


Aromatherapy uses herbal healing properties in the form of essential oils, which have to be inhaled. Essential oils of mint and eucalyptus are generally used for relieving sinus problems. The inhalation will reduce sinus swelling, prevent infection, and improve drainage of mucus.

Sinus congestion and the resulting pain are very troublesome, and needs to be attended to immediately. For avoiding sinus infections, invest in a humidifier device and keep your home well ventilated. When you are already suffering from sinus problems, try out these natural remedies, as they are quite effective and safe.