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Natural Remedies For Sinus Relief

Sinus problems are quite common and most people are desperate to try anything to get some relief. Whether it is the common cold, an allergic reaction, or just about any other nasal congestion, it is very annoying, painful, and can reduce the quality of life. There are quite a few remedies available, but most of them give only temporary relief, and cause some nasty side effects as well. Here are some natural remedies that are effective and safe as well.


Reflexology is a method of applying pressure on certain points on the feet and hands, which causes reflex actions and stimulation in other part of the body, corresponding to that particular point. For sinus relief, the points are on the tips of toes and fingers, and under each nail of the hand. The technique involves only squeezing gently on these points; however, it is better to get this massage done by a certified reflexologist, who will know the correct pressure points.

Using a Nettie Pot

The Nettie pot is a container with a spout, used for directing saltwater solution or plain water into the nasal passage. This is a yogic technique, and is often performed as a daily routine by many practitioners. Here you tilt your head and pour the water by placing the spout on the upper nostril. When you pour, the water will flow into one nostril and out of the other. Repeat on the other side, and this will dilute the mucus, and flush it out.

Hydrating your Body

Drinking lot of liquids, especially water will prevent the build-up of thick mucus, and hence it will be easy to flush it out. Hydration is also known to reduce infection, compared to people who have lesser liquid intake.

Using a Humidifier

If you maintain the ideal level of humidity in your living space, there are lesser chances of getting, or aggravating a sinus problem. If the humidity is very less, the air will be dry, and the mucus in your nose will dry up, and will not drain well. When the humidity is too high it becomes the ideal breeding ground for fungus and mold, which can cause many allergies and host of sinus problems.


Aromatherapy uses herbal healing properties in the form of essential oils, which have to be inhaled. Essential oils of mint and eucalyptus are generally used for relieving sinus problems. The inhalation will reduce sinus swelling, prevent infection, and improve drainage of mucus.

Sinus congestion and the resulting pain are very troublesome, and needs to be attended to immediately. For avoiding sinus infections, invest in a humidifier device and keep your home well ventilated. When you are already suffering from sinus problems, try out these natural remedies, as they are quite effective and safe.

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