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Ozone Therapy Medical Miracle

Ozone therapy In The World Today

Have you heard of Ozone therapy and wondered what it is all about? Many people think that it has to do with what we all know as the ozone layer surrounding the earth but that is a completely different type of ozone as it is chock full of other gases as well. Toxic to humans as it contains some gases that will harm us.

However, Medical Ozone is based on pure oxygen that has been "excited" by electricity, this is a very general description but a good one for as everyone can imagine, oxygen is a vital component for our very existence. Then, it would stand to reason than this "excited" oxygen would also be beneficial to our very health. Sounds simple doesn't it? Well, not so say the doctors and scientists because as much as one tries to convince them of the differences they still maintain that it is either of no beneficial value or that it is dangerous. Imagine if you will that a perfectly common human being can distinguish between the two yet most of the foremost scientists in this world still can't get it through their heads.

This gas, ozone, has now been in use for creating healthy bodies for over a century, just look at the pictures on the websites enclosed below, this is what you get when you clean blood with ozone, do you see the difference, which of the two lines of blood look healthier to you? I think that even a child would tell you the difference, yet, still ozone and ozone therapy are not something the Health Authorities in almost any country allow. Mind boggling isn't it? Take a look at the testimony page on my first website listed below, two of the most talked about diseases, Lyme cured, Herpes cured and many more!

The Medical Ozone Therapy Movement

There is however a movement or shift occurring as more and more doctors are exposed to what ozone therapy can do when used by trained personnel in clinics and hospitals. The units in the pictures on the websites for instance, have already made massive strides in medicine, trials and reports conclude that the benefits are nothing short of amazing when used properly with the correct instruction and training. The most effective disorder reversed to date with these units so far have been anything to do with the circulatory system such as heart issues, arteries or blood. This is mostly because ozone therapy when used in this manner rebuilds the endothelium in your veins and arteries, this is the one cell coating inside these vessels that protects them. Through time this coating ruptures and there is nothing else on earth that can correct it, other than ozone therapy.

The other fascinating thing about this type of ozone therapy is that it can also create vasodialation which is just a fancy term for the opening of vessels, so blood in your system that keeps you and your organs alive can flow more freely. Why is this important? Simple, if there were areas that were for instance blocked or somehow devoid of blood, they would also be devoid of oxygen and would die, this would unblock those areas and blood/oxygen would again be able to flow. Should the veins or arteries be destroyed for some reason and useless, ozone therapy has the ability to create other blood vessels or something called collatrerals. What that means is that it can create and form new vessels to again replenish what was once lost.

Now, imagine if you will what that can do for a patient with heart disease or ischemia or any other assorted diseases of the vessels or circulatory system. There would be no need for open heart surgery, no need for stents that are at best mostly ineffective, just look up the word re-stenting, In today's world we are all at our late stage in life afflicted with some disorder of the circulatory system, whether it be a little higher than normal blood pressure, aches and pains or some other disorder that afflicts us, most of these are associated in one way or another with the heart because it is the heart that controls the blood and it is the blood and oxygen it carries that keeps us alive.

It is all rather simple really, what we need to do is keep our lines clean (arteries, veins, capillaries) and by doing so keep our heart strong and beating right. Why do hearts break down, well mostly because our veins and arteries just like the pipes in our sinks get clogged up with debris, clean the debris and flow returns. The heart is a miraculous machine and it has the ability to recover but not when we are blocked up. Modern medicine does not do this, there is nothing in modern medicine that will take care of this, all fixes that they have are temporary and will occur again, time after time. The only solution is Medical Ozone Therapy.

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